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Website Design Prices South Africa vary so much that it is very difficult to identify what exactly you get for the price you pay. Websites can range anything from R500 - R50 000 for exactly the same type of website. Note that I am referring to the type of website and not the end product. There is unfortunately no distinction in the quality of the end product in relation to the website price.

Website designers prices has got absolutely nothing to do with their skills or experience. A very young designer that did their first wordpress installation, figured out how to install a template and made a few changes to the text are now suddenly a website designer and decides that they can now charge the same as someone with 10years experience.

So what should the cost of a website in south africa be? That is the same as asking what is the cost of a car? What are your requirements? Do you need a small city car, a Mini van or 4x4 off roader? The price of a website will depend on your requirements.

Our website prices is only R299 per month. We dont charge a setup fee and it is month to month.

While many web designers use templates as they do not know how to code themselves, they use ready-made templates for their designs, their cost should be lower, but they compare themselves with other companies charging ridiculous prices and believe that they can do the same. Many web companies and individual designers are cashing in on making some big money from inexperienced business owners, thinking that they can charge an arm and a leg for a website, making the client believe that they are getting the best website out there related to the price they charge, when in fact they are just using modern trendy templates, which anyone can do.

We custom design each website according to the brand image of our clients, we do not use templates and still we are the most affordable web design company in South Africa.

Let us become your web partner and offer you the best Website Design Prices South Africa has to offer.

Our Partners

For us to remain ahead of the game we partner with the best players who are the industry trend setters and developers of the best technology solutions for business. Through our partnerships we are able to strengthen our offers, deliver the best service and provide better pricing to our clients.

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