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The web design industry can be very intimidating to someone who is completely new to it. Not only does is contain its own language but there is so many terms that goes along with anything web related.

Lets start with a few basic terms that have become almost like a second nature to a designer, something all designers are well aware of is a 301 redirect this term is used when a permanent redirect from one URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) to another, usually from your previous website to the new one.

What does it mean the 404 Page Error appears? This is when the page you are trying to access s non-existent on the website. This usually happens when the page has been deleted from the site or the URL has been misspelled.

It is so much easier to contact a professional website design company to design a website for you, but you would also want to be able to have access to the site, be able to upload images or update information as well. This is possible if the site has been designed on a CMS (Content Management System) platform. This will allow the user to log into the “backend” of the website and amend where needed.

Conversion is when the user takes action on their account related to online marketing and lead generation. This will include potential clients completing online forms with their information or subscribing to their news letter.

The web design term CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the code that the developers use in order to designate how a web page should be presented to the end user.

What is the term used when referring to the name of the website? What is the term used by people when they type a certain name into a browser? Domain is the web design term used when referring to the name of a website.

Hosting is what we refer to as the web servers where the files of the websites are “housed”, served and maintained.

A shopping cart also known as an E-commerce site is commonly designed for a particular business that sells a product, enabling the user to purchase goods online. A third party might be used as a delivering or courier service but often the company will make use of their own resources t save on cost.

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